All you need to know about Minecraft Earth

All you need to know about Minecraft Earth

Away with the mouse, the controller and off to the outside. With the augmented reality game Minecraft Earth , Mojang lets you cultivate the world according to your ideas. How you can do that and what must be respected, you will learn here.

Already this October the release of the official Early Access of the Minecraft offshoot Minecraft Earth starts. The free mobile game allows you, together with friends, to create things and place them in the world. Also in original size.

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Minecraft Earth AR – what to look out for in the release

The game will be playable on all AR-enabled devices that support the IOS 10 or Android 7 operating system . Also required is signing up for a Microsoft or Xbox Live account . But no fear! Unlike the paid Xbox Live Gold service, this registration is free.

Signing up for the Microsoft account

You need this account so that your progress as well as the inventory can be saved in the profile . So you can continue where you left off.

This is how you collect resources and increase your inventory

In order for the planned structure to be put into action, materials must be collected. You can find these in the free “real” nature . Do you need wood? Find a tree and clear it. Do you need water? Visit a lake. The entire world becomes your playground.

Simple blocks break down by tapping and can be found in the open world.

Special and rare blocks are mined in adventure games

One feature that Minecraft Earth has also incorporated is that of unlimited inventory. The stack count of the toolbar is still 64, as in Minecraft Vanilla, but the inventory has no maximum volume.

Diorama build mode, full-size game mode and adventure games

When diorama build mode , it is a building mode in model size . This mode lets you create a world directly on the tabletop, on the floor or on the shelf. All you need is a smooth interface, creativity and a good internet connection. If you do not want to settle for the small version, you can have the model also photographed in its original size. But make sure that the edge length of a block is now one meter .

In life-size game mode , as the name implies, you have the ability to create life-size constructs that are projected into the real world through augmented reality. You are an instance in the world where nothing is stored. Because this mode is designed more for games in which you can loot, hunt and do mischief with mobs.

In this video you can see the third mode of Minecraft Earth – Adventures.

The most exciting aspect of Minecraft Earth will probably be the survival part of Adventures . This is not just about exploring, but about risking something. If necessary, also the contents of the backpack. Drops trees, kills or breeds mobs and collects valuable ores.

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The small adventure locations are displayed on the in-game map. What content you get at the end is left to chance.

How does Minecraft Earth play with several people?

An important point of Minecraft Earth is to connect with friends and create new worlds, gather ideas and get creative. In order to link to your friends, you must follow these steps.

  • If you are in the Build Plate, click on Invite Friends .
  • A QR code will be generated that you send to your friends. ( IMPORTANT! You need to be close by and have the game installed yourself.)
  • The QR code must be scanned on the main map of Minecraft Earth and activated with “join friends” .

As usual from other Minecraft worlds, you can now interact normally. Keep in mind that you have to be in the same place so you can work together. When the owner of the build plate leaves the game, all players are automatically removed from the map and leave the session.

If you have been invited to a build plate for the tabletop mode, you can interact with the world as in “normal” Minecraft. That means:

To build
Placing mobs and items
To destroy
Removing blocks is possible

Level up at Minecraft-Earth

While you attack the game, you gain experience based on the Tappables. Tappables are major sources of resources, such as blocks, items, or mobs that are scattered throughout the map, and can appear as pigs, trees, or other shapes.

How much experience you get, depends entirely on the collected Tappables. With enough experience points, you get a level. After every fifth level rise, you unlock the following features:

  • New build plates
  • More blocks
  • Fancier mobs

So pick up the pickaxe, arm yourself for the dangerous creepers and drum up your friends together. Because already this October’s the download. So get started and be vigilant, you never know when the next lava sink will be waiting for you.

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