Minecraft Earth: All information about the AR game

Minecraft Earth: All information about the AR game

With Minecraft Earth, creative designers can now let off steam with augmented reality. Everything you need to know to start the Early Access version, you will find in our guide.

Already at the E3 2015 Microsoft showed Minecraft AR for the augmented reality glasses Hololens . But only four years later, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of Minecraft, it becomes concrete: Microsoft will publish an augmented reality version of Mojang’s popular building classic. Although not for an AR glasses , but in the form of smartphone AR . So players can see and shape out in the real world and their environment in the style of Minecraft.

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After the closed beta phase in summer, Minecraft Earth is now launching as an early access version for Android and iOS. We have summarized all the information and news about Minecraft Earth for you.

Build, Collect, Adventure – This is Minecraft Earth

The setting up their own game world will be fundamental part of the game concept even if Minecraft Earth. Only this time, you can use every free space in your real environment to let off steam creatively. Augmented Reality makes it possible: Via smartphone camera you let your environment merge with the Minecraft universe.

To build the perfect Minecraft castle on your own kitchen table, however, plenty of materials are needed. These and much more can be found at Minecraft Earth in the real world. Of course, you have to leave the house and orient yourself to real city maps .

The world map is constantly being improved

The world maps of Minecraft Earth are generated based on OpenStreetMap . A community of mappers fills the databases of the free project with geo-data and keeps them up-to-date.

In order to improve areas that are not yet perfectly mapped in OpenStreetMap, the creators of Minecraft Earth rely on input from the community . Sasx Persson, Minecraft’s Creative Director , says it’s an easy process to fill the maps with information about parks, trails, opening hours and other local conditions.

Once a month, the entire world will be updated in Minecraft Earth and fed with the newly collected data from OpenStreetMap. The more data users provide, the more detailed and extensive their area will be mapped in Minecraft Earth. You will find on the cards next to lots of collectibles and special places where you can experience adventures.

Minecraft Earth: Players choose the most beautiful objects

The adventure mode will probably be the most exciting part of the AR version of Minecraft. Because there are no miniatures built at home living table, but life-size constructs around the world. You can interact with all built objects and buildings can even be entered.

Of course you can always admire homemade objects on your own smartphone when you return to the site. However, the default view, which displays certain objects in one location for all players, is determined via a voting system . There – and of course in famous places – there will be a top ten of the best Minecraft Earth objects to admire.

New tool and adventure with level system

In order to build the sometimes huge structures in augmented reality, the range of the tools is increased . Unlike classic Minecraft, players will not have to be too close to the object to interact with it.

The adventures themselves and their locations are constantly re-generated in real-time to keep the gameplay fresh. “It’s not always the same, but the adventures contain the same elements that we mix and match,” explains Persson.

In addition, Minecraft Earth will provide a leveling system . So some adventures can only be entered when a character fulfills certain requirements.

Minecraft Earth: Multiplayer like in the sandbox

The multiplayer mode should remind of playing in the sandbox. Minecraft’s Creative Director describes the mode as follows: “It was specifically designed to give people the opportunity to meet in Minecraft in a less structured way. So an ad hoc multiplayer , as we would have done on the playground, where the interaction is the magic. “

Players can and should explore the world together . Some puzzles even require multiple players to solve. As an example, Persson calls a simple platform puzzle in which each player has to face one of four platforms to open the door to new adventures.

Minecraft Earth: Crafting Change and Free-To-Play

The crafting in Minecraft Earth is extended by a factor of time. Players need to better plan their activities in advance.

For example, if you want to bring armor into the world the next morning, you must have the resources you need and start making it soon enough. “We make some of the decisions that are almost instantaneous in Bedrock and Vanilla and turn them into a much larger planning exercise,” says Persson.

The AR adventure was announced by Microsoft as a “gift to the players” and will appear as a free-to-play title. Nevertheless, Minecraft Earth should include micro-transactions , for example, to obtain new skins.

Optional in-game payments are based on the in-game currency called rubies. You earn it by completing quests or you pay for it with real money. The critically discussed Lootboxen are not provided.

Release and requirements for playing Minecraft Earth

The closed beta version already started in July 2019 in a few cities, such as Stockholm, Tokyo, London or Mexico City. Since October, the game is now in the early access phase, in which Microsoft tests for stability and collects feedback on the gameplay.

If everything goes well, the game should be made accessible step by step around the world. An official release date for Minecraft Earth, Microsoft has not yet announced.

By pre-registering in the Google Play Store, you may be lucky enough to join the Early Access version . What you can definitely secure is a free skin for Minecraft Earth on the official Minecraft website.

To play Minecraft Earth you need smartphones with Android 7, iOs 10 or higher. From these software versions Augmented Reality is supported.

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