Minecraft Earth beginners Guide and Tips

Minecraft Earth beginners Guide and Tips

Today in this article we will tell you about minecraft earth beginners guide and tips. We have put together some tips for the beginning, so that the construction is easy for you.

In our Minecraft Earth Guide you will learn:

  • Beginners Tips for the AR Game
  • Tricks for placing buildings
  • How to connect with friends

Who does not know them, the little pixel blocks from Minecraft! Now the collection and construction game also comes to your smartphone And starts with an Early Access version in many countries. With Pokémon GO as inspiration Mojang has copied some of the game with the pocket monsters and expanded for their own purposes.

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The result is Minecraft Earth (also called Minecraft GO ), the mobile offshoot with pickaxe, blocks and creepers. Equipped with a Microsoft account you can start directly and collect materials to create your first building. So far, the functions are quite limited, but that should change after the final release. An exact date when Minecraft Earth leaves Early Access is unknown.

The special feature of the game: With activated AR mode, you can select building boards and place them in 3D in your environment. Once set, the building can be expanded with items from the inventory. So, duck, tulip and mushroom will surely find a place on your first piece of toy world. The buildings can be shared with friends and even expanded together.

Our tip for a relaxed start

Do not break your head! The basic mechanics work the same way as with the big brother: running around, taking down and collecting things, creating new creations and sometimes fighting against Creeper And animals. Always with you: your pickaxe. You do not need much more than you and your fingertip to start – and master – the game.

Buildings placed in Minecraft Earth

The app asks you in the build menu to look for a bright and textured place to place a building. What exactly “structured” means is unfortunately not further defined. You will have to try a bit to find a suitable place.

If there is any sparkling in your environment , this is the first sign of a suitable site. Hold the smartphone in that direction and tilt it back and forth a little until the house, the green space or your panel is displayed. Then shortly tap to place it at this point.

Collect materials from structures

You want to create a great structure, but do not have enough pixel blocks in the inventory? Then look at another entity you’ve created and use the interaction mode to just steal a few pieces. Whether the duck running around there or the grass blocks: put in your pocket what you still want to use elsewhere.

Connect with friends

The app makes it easy to interact with friends. On a separate button in the upper right corner of the tree menu, you’ll find a QR code that your friends just need to scan to work on something together. They are then virtually drawn to your structure and can create something great together with you.

There is the possibility to tinker together on a kind of blueprint in a smaller format. There you can change something faster and easier. If all builders are satisfied, it will be published and will appear in its original size in front of you . Since everything is displayed in 3D, it can be admired from all sides.

Wander around the world, create your own building boards with various buildings and materials on them, and see what the people around you have created. Maybe you use it as inspiration for your next project?

Tips for collecting and placing animals

If you walk through the streets with the app open, similar to Pokémon GO, small icons appear on the map . In addition to degradable / collectible materials are sometimes animals on the street, which you can put in your pocket. They are not only for your own delight in the inventory, but are also a placeable element on your buildings.

If you are tinkering with a new building with green space , open your inventory and select the (mushroom) cow, The pig or the hare and place it on your building. From now on you can watch how your pet moves across the new area.

Make your dailies and collect diligently

Every day, as in most smartphone games, there are daily tasks to perform. Mostly there are easier missions and more difficult quests, both of which provide valuable rewards at the end of the day. So it pays to look into the app every day and get as many rewards as possible. These can be gems or experience points .

The reachable radius on your smartphone is quite large in the AR app. This means that you do not have to hold your phone in your hand to collect enough materials . Just open the app and collect everything within a few seconds.

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