Minecraft Earth now freely available in Early Access

Minecraft Earth now freely available in Early Access

The augmented reality game Minecraft Earth is now also playable in the Early Access. Offers crafting, own buildings and “adventure” events.

Microsoft has now released its augmented reality title Minecraft Earth in Austria and Switzerland. Since Thursday the Early Access version of the app for Android and iOS is available for download. Previously, the game had been made accessible to smaller markets after a closed beta, to test the stability of the server.

In the future, even more countries are added until the game is to be actually playable at the end of the world.

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Focus on building in augmented reality

Minecraft Earth is based on other augmented reality titles such as Pokémon Go and based on the Openstreetmap maps the world in its well-known block optics. Real buildings are characterized by slight elevations in the game world. Added to these are actual AR elements, such as a build mode, where players with the cell phone camera activated can place blocks and creatures on a flat surface, such as a table.

In this way it is possible to build structures and landscapes on a smaller scale, which seemingly fit into the real world.

On the way, it is possible to gather resources and process them by ore smelting and crafting. There are also time-limited “adventures”. These events keep appearing in different places, made up of seemingly life-size buildings. Like arenas in Pokémon Go – can be entered in AR mode with other players to solve tasks. Against the monsters known from the original Minecraft to fight. There are no fights between players so far, the focus is on cooperation and building together.

Addictive game

Minecraft Earth is a free-to-play game. It has an in-game currency called rubies that can be earned or bought for real money. This allows players to unlock building boards, among other things, which serve as foundations for their own block creations. The game is oriented in terms of optics. Characters and items largely on the classic Minecraft, up to the original music by C418 aka Daniel Rosenfeld.

Minecraft Earth is available from Android 7 and iOS 10, for tracking in the game world. A permanent GPS and data connection are required. For one Microsoft has decided Early Access release In order to inform players that Minecraft Earth will be supplemented with additional functions in the future. The community should be able to influence their feedback on the further development.

Microsoft has also released a video for players of the AR title. It provides safety tips for playing in streets and public places in Minecraft optics.

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